Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon, Teal


Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon, Teal

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Keenz 7S Premium Stroller Wagon Limited edition Teal / Blue - Includes cooler bag & cup holder

Keenz is the first company who increased the functionality of the wagons and makes it remarkably better than any other brands. Our premium-deluxe stroller wagon combines all the advantages from existing strollers and wagons pursuing ergonomic design.


Philosophy of Safety.

Our first priority is the safety of your children. Keenz offers your children a pleasant and safe environment to grow up in.


7S Wagon Details


  • 5-point safety harness

  • Durable aluminum frame

  • Reflective logo

  • Rounded frame/fittings

  • One step on/off brake

  • 11Inch rear wheels

  • Built in


  • 900D Polyester fabric

  • Light weight less than 29lbs
  • Easy to fold

  • Built-in locking straps
  • Removable fabric

  • Two handle design

  • Easy canopy storage

  • Simulated leather handle

  • Adjustable handles

  • Peaked roof

  • Padded interior with back cushions

  • Built-in shoe storage
  • Fold up parcel bag

  • Rear wheel parking brake

  • Easy storage

  • Self-standing
  • Removable rear wheel assembly

  • Swiveling front wheels with individual locks

  • Retractable roof with mesh sunscreen

  • Retractable canopy supports.

  • Removable wheels

  • Built in mesh

  • Magnet top

  • Built-in curtain
  • Wide view

  • EVA 7.28inch front wheel

  • Tread pattern

  • Spring Suspension