About Us

Givingmart emerged from a desire to give back in a significant way. While any amount of giving is generous and commendable, the owners of Givingmart set their sights much higher than the typical 1%-5% give-back: at Givingmart, 20% of each purchase price benefits a non-profit organization! This “desire” and vision benefit from a strategy based on a collaborative market place that brings together consumers, charities, companies and of course, fabulous brands!

This is possible due to the Givingmart partners’ long history in business and experience in developing concepts with a broad reach married with an ability to create incisive marketing and superb customer service. We understand consumers and brand owners and seek to bring them together in a way that is fun, informative and importantly, beneficial to charities.

We recognize that consumers want value for money and demand an excellent selection of products and brands; however, we also recognize that there is a large segment of consumers that want to buy in a way that helps others. The Givingmart Team is keen to continue to satisfy that large and growing group of caring consumers that put their dollars to work in a purposeful manner.

As a fair price site, Givingmart must compete with discounters and others. However, for the most part, we represent high-quality brands that embrace our full-price approach and fully support our desire to help groups and give back in a significant manner.